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Frequently asked questions

About Platform Fokus


For whom is the platform intended?

Platform Fokus is intended for groups of people who want to communicate quickly and easily.
This can be a residents' group or interest group, a company, organisation, municipality, or a combination of these.

How do I register our group?

You can contact us via the contact form or call +31598 - 22 70 25.

Can I have an account as an individual?

The strength of Platform Fokus lies mainly in group communication. So although it is possible to have an account, you can only use some of the functions if you are not part of a group.

What are the prices for Platform Fokus?

For rates and prices, please see the page Prices

What is the minimum number of members in a group to use Platform Fokus?

There is no minimum number, although the platform is aimed at making communication within large groups easy. The more members, the more you will benefit from the features.

Can my sports club also use Platform Fokus?

Yes, you would benefit greatly from the platform as a group! You post your own news, share information in group messages, you can have quick discussions in the group chat. And of course, members can also send personal messages to each other.


What about privacy?

Privacy is an important part of Platform Fokus. For example, the groups are mutually closed, your documents and files are private by default (unless you explicitly share them with someone). In addition, we do not use external trackers such as Google Analytics or Facebook, and we do not share any data with third parties.

Can the government see what I am doing?

No, the government has no access to your data or your use of the platform.
Nor do we share any data with third parties. Besides that, all databases are encrypted.

Do you use Google or Facebook?

No. The whole platform is free of Google and Facebook and all other social media platforms.


I don't know anything about computers. Can I still use Platform Fokus?

We have made the functions of the platform as simple as possible so that everyone can use it. However, if you need any help, the moderators of your group will be happy to assist you.


I have forgotten my password

If you have forgotten your password, you can request a new one at the login screen. Existing passwords cannot be read.

Why do I always have to enter a PIN code?

This is an extra security to ensure that no one else can access your account. If someone else were to discover your password, the PIN code is an additional protection for your account.

Want to know more?


Please feel free to ask for more information or an introductory meeting.
We will be happy to answer your questions or give you a tour of the system.