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By connecting easily, even with large groups.

Fokus platform for organisations

Organise. Communicate.

If your organisation carries out a project involving contact with a large group of people, chances are that this is where the bottleneck lies. Reachability, repetitive tasks, providing information, getting feedback: it all takes time. With Platform Fokus this works differently: you are a member of the group, and reach everyone with a single group message.
Do you want to make documents available to the entire group? Then you put them in a shared folder on your page. It's as simple as that.

group messages

The system for frontrunners.

Platform Fokus is made for innovators and frontrunners.
For organisations that lead the way and dare to think differently.

Planning events.

Meetings, inspiration days can be planned on a timeline. Information such as leaflets, PDFs and links can be shared with the group. And group members can indicate in advance whether they plan to attend. This way, you can easily organise events within the group.

Resource Sharing Dashboard

This is how you can do it.

Information, simplified.

Own counter

Your organisation has its own page where everyone can access you. Close by.

Knowledge Base

Your group has its own knowledge base in which you can make important information available.

Sharing information

On your organisation page you can make documents permanently available to all group members. You can also create files with information and share them only with certain members of the group.

News and Updates

On your organisation page you can post daily news and announcements. There is also a news page for the whole group.

Fast communication

Easily reach everyone with a group message.

Personal messages

You can exchange personal messages with all members of the group, similar to e-mail. Only more convenient.

Group messages

If you have information that concerns the whole group, a single group message is enough to reach everyone.


Group chat is used for discussion within the group. Easily divided into topics that can be archived.

Know what is going on

Polls are a good way of finding out what is going on in the group.


Polling a large group has never been easier. You create a poll, and the group members can vote - until you close it. The result is displayed in real-time.

News items

On the group's own news page you can post extensive news. This is permanently accessible for the group.


In order to reach all members, it is possible to send newsletters. These are easy to prepare and are automatically sent to all members.

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