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Your home owners' platform.

Organise and mobilise your whole district, village or city.

Fokus platform for home owners

Made for progress.

Many home owners in the earthquake area in the north of the Netherlands are struggling to make headway in their recovery process. Platform Fokus helps them to organise themselves and share their knowledge, and gives resident supervisors the tools to make the recovery process easier and faster together.

Planning events.

Meetings and events can be scheduled on a timeline. Information such as leaflets, PDFs and links can be shared with the group. And group members can indicate in advance if they plan to attend. This way, you can easily organise events within the group.

Resource Sharing Dashboard

The resident.

Is always in control.

Your own files

You keep files about your home and/or damage yourself. Organise your files in folders such as 'financial', 'damage', 'correspondence'.

Keeping track

Documents can easily be tracked and managed, so you know exactly where to find them.

Timeline overview

By using the timeline, you can keep track of when communication has taken place and with whom. This provides a clear overview of all interaction.

Knowledge Base

You can set up a knowledge base for the group to make important information easy to find.

Fast communication

Everyone in your neighbourhood or village at your fingertips. No more hassle with e-mail. You can also reach authorities and companies with the same ease.

Personal messages

Through the platform you can reach everyone personally without the need for e-mail addresses. By entering the name of the person you want to send a message to, you immediately get to see this person. Of course, you can also send attachments.

Group messages

With the help of group messages, you can easily send everyone the same message at the same time. Even if your group consists of hundreds of members, a single message is enough.


The chat can be used to communicate or hold a conversation efficiently. Agenda items for upcoming meetings, short consultations. And when a subject is finished, you simply archive it.

Your opinion matters

Within the group, you can be heard. You too probably have useful experiences that you would like to share with your neighbours.


If you are curious about the opinions of others, start a poll within your group. This way you can present others with a choice and you will have a clear overview of how many people vote on what.

News items

Relevant news items can be shared by the moderators on the group's news page. In this way, the group is kept informed of all recent developments.


Newsletters can be sent via the platform. In this way, everyone is kept informed of what is going on.

Join us

Organise your district or town



  • Keep your damage reports in files
  • Give your opinion and consult with fellow home owners
  • Share what you know with others
  • Keep up to date with news
  • One portal for all participating authorities
  • Always keep control of your own data

All resources on one platform


  • Dashboard provides instant overview
  • Property records and timeline
  • Personal messages
  • Group messages
  • Polls and opinions
  • Chat function with topics
  • News page
  • Newsletters
  • Youtube feed
  • Current quake map
  • Strong security

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We will be happy to answer your questions or give you a tour of the system.