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Resource Sharing.

Waste less, do more.

Resource Sharing Dashboard

The future is green.

Much equipment will be replaced, and many processes will be run differently.
What do we do with unused resources? Exactly, we will share them or reuse them.
And with Platform Fokus' Resource Sharing module, this is made very easy.
This is the future: thousands of companies sharing resources with each other.

Resource Sharing.

The Resource Sharing platform automatically matches Resource Sharing:

  • by category, industry, segment
  • by region, date and availability
  • temporary or permanent
  • acquisition, rent or loan

You can easily save your searches.


Exchange, buy or rent.

Via the new Resource Sharing platform, you can not only buy or sell. Temporary acquisition, lending and exchange are also possible. And here, too, Resource Sharing are automatically matched.

Get notifications.

Searches can be saved, and you will be automatically notified when a new matching demand or supply is posted.
So you don't have to keep searching, and our system does all the work for you.



AVG and Privacy

Security, privacy and transparency are important components of our policy. Platform Fokus works together with Consignium for this .
They see to it that everything, down to the last detail, complies with the privacy laws and regulations.

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