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About Platform Fokus.

The idea behind Platform Fokus was born in the 'earthquake area' in the north of the Netherlands. Because we saw that many residents were in a similar situation and were still trying to improve their situation on their own, the idea for a "home owner platform" was born. The aim was to facilitate the easy exchange of knowledge and information. Being able to keep track of damage files themselves also proved to be a welcome feature.

It soon became clear that the application possibilities of the platform were much greater, because basically every interest group, company or organisation is often faced with the same problem: how do I communicate within a large group of people, and how do I keep everyone up to date?

To this end, the platform has been constantly refined: the addition of more and more tools such as group messages, chat, news, company pages, etc. has created a universally deployable communication platform.

This is what we want to contribute with Platform Fokus: simple and fast communication in a group. So that not only the residents of the North of the Netherlands can move forward more quickly to improve their situation, but also so that every organisation, association, company looking for a way to reach their target group can do so in a simple and pleasant way.

Kasper Hovius

Elvira van de Vlag

Epko Staring
Lead developer

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