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Everyone up to date.

The easiest way to inform.

Fokus platform for businesses

Working groups.

Do you consult with other companies and want to start a project together, but the internal systems do not match? Then a working group within Platform Fokus is ideal: consultation with all participants is always in the same group.

Save time.

Your company is renovating a neighbourhood or carrying out work. It often happens that you have to keep a large group of people involved in a project up to date. That means a lot of e-mail addresses and telephone numbers. How convenient would it be if you had them all in one group? And that is exactly what Platform Fokus does.

Planning events.

Meetings, inspiration days can be planned on a timeline. Information such as leaflets, PDFs and links can be shared with the group. And group members can indicate in advance whether they plan to attend. This way, you can easily organise events within the group.

Resource Sharing Dashboard

Share resources.

For companies there is now a new product: Resource Sharing.
Resource Sharing of materials, equipment and personnel, in a fully self-matching system. For construction companies in particular, this is the future: greener, with as few losses as possible and as much reuse as possible.

Read more about Resource Sharing

Resource Sharing Dashboard

All parties united.

By bringing all those involved in a project into the same group, a single group message is enough to inform everyone. No more hassle with e-mail or stamps, the provision of information is now a lot easier.

Your tools.

The toolkit that makes communicating easy.

Group messages

An important question or announcement? Information or a document to share? Reach everyone in the group with one message.

Communicating simply

Because all contacts are in one place, you can reach all participants at the same time.
You can be a member of several groups to get an even wider reach.

Sharing documents

Sharing documents is easy and fast via this platform. This way, you don't have to send separate documents all the time. You can choose to make certain folders permanently accessible on your company page.

Choose who you share with

Decide who you want to share documents with. This can be set per folder so that the right documents go to the right person.

Company page

Your own page that you manage, freely accessible to all members of the group. Here you post news and updates.

Company info

By adding company information to your company page, all participants can read what your company stands for. You can also place an information video, and a map with route is available.

Knowledge Base

You can set up your own knowledge base where you make available all the information you want to share with the group.

News & Updates

On the company page, there is room to share important news and updates. In this way, everyone is kept informed of what is going on.

Short lines

Within your group people can contact you quickly and easily. As a result, the lines are short and people are more likely to contact you.

Own contact person

Within the group, your company page is the contact point for the members. That way, everyone knows where to go for questions, and they can easily reach you.


For home owners, the group is a familiar environment, and you as a company can be part of it.


Having home owners, companies and organisations within one group increases involvement and reduces distances.

Do more in less time.

Why maintain e-mail lists when there are group messages?

Personal messages

Reach out to everyone in the group in a confidential manner.


Group messages

Send announcements and documents to everyone at once, with the same ease as an e-mail.



Confer quickly and easily in categorised chats. Discuss meeting points, have brainstorming sessions, all with the entire group.

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